Fresno-Chateauroux Sister Cities International

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In 1956 President Eisenhower started Sister Cities International with the goal of linking American citizens with citizens of other countries. He wanted to encourage citizen diplomacy and decided that a special relationship between two cities seemed like a good way to accomplish this. These sister cities, also known as twin cities, voluntarily forge ties to encourage business, trade, educational, and cultural exchanges. 

Each sister city is represented locally by a committee of volunteers that works along with the mayor's office.  The mayor of Fresno is our honorary board chair and Esmeralda Soria is our council representative.

Becoming a sister city is a timely process that involves building trust and forging strong relationships with the desired twin city. Fresno and Chateauroux became sister cities in 2016.

Current Fresno city relationships:

Situated on the banks of the Indre River, Châteauroux is located right in the heart of central France; just like Fresno sits in the heart of California. It is south of Paris and can easily be reached from Paris by either a three-hour drive or a two-hour train ride. It is the capital of the French department of Indre and the second-largest town in the province of Berry.

Mr. Gil Avérous is the city's current mayor and Mr. Jean-Yves Hugon is the deputy mayor.  Mr. Hugon heads up the Sister Cities Exchange program.

Châteauroux, historically, was the site of a US Air Force base from 1952 to 1967.  This past presence of the US base in the city created a special relationship between the city and the US that is still celebrated today with the presence of the US Museum and a biennial "Good Old Days" celebration (last held in 2022).

The 2024 Summer Olympics has chosen Châteauroux, for its National Shooting Center!  The city will host all shooting events and as such, will the city will have the honor to award the first medals for the 2024 Olympics.

The city has the largest covered “boulodrome” in France and the game of Pétanque is very popular.  

Mayor Gil Avérous

Mayor of Châteauroux

Deputy Mayor Jean Yves Hugon

Head of Sister Cities Châteauroux

Mayor Gil Avérous & Vice-Mayor Jean-Yves Hugon believe strongly in the partnership with Fresno and our work to build student & adult exchange programs.  Social Media and online connections between teachers and students are also encouraged!

About Fresno-Châteauroux Sister Cities

Jerry Dyer, Mayor of the city of Fresno, (Honorary) Chairman of the  Fresno Sister Cities Board

Annalisa Perea, Fresno City Councilwoman, Council Ambassador to Châteauroux

Georgine Sullivan, Chairwoman, Fresno-Châteauroux Committee